How to pair your Smartphone

  1. Download WFS300-BT APP from the APP store.
  2. switch on ignition.
  3. enter your current code (key combination).
  4. press and hold the accelerator pedal fully.
  5. enter your current code (key combination).
  6. the indicator light should now flash in 3 seconds.
  7. release accelerator pedal.
  8. 1x press the service-key (the key can vary depending on the car).
  9. open the APP.
  10. select menu items: settings > pair > next. (search WFS).
  11. enter 6-digit Bluetooth-code (small card is included with the WFS300-BT)
  12. after successful pairing press "finish" and switch to authorization. (in the upper right should now be "online").
  13. Switch off the  ignition and test APP.
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